1941- Originated even before the independence of India, Shalimar's laid its foundation stone by the hands of its founder Late Prakritinath Bhattacharjee in the northern part of Kolkata.

1942- A year later, the company partnered with Late Panchanan Mondal.

1945- Both partners joined the firm with the goal of establishing a presence on the other side of the Ganges River, which runs through two cities on different sides of the country.

1955- The capacious unit in the suburbs of Kolkata was built.

1986- The Hyderabad unit was built.

1995- Shalimar's Chefs Spices were introduced and today stand as the market leader by holding a 12% market share in the Eastern India.

2000- Mustard Oil Production and Marketing started.

2005- The Haridwar unit was built and later the number went up to twenty across the nation.

2009- Shalimar's Jasmine Ayurvedic and Medicated Hair Oil was introduced.

Present Day- Shalimar's has evolved into a national and worldwide brand that has lasted through multiple generations.